Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Quick hits on the women of Survivor Fiji

(For quick hits on the men, go here. Thanks to SurvivorFever for the pics.)

Cassandra is a 42 year old Civil Engineer Manager from Los Angeles, CA. Wow, what a boring bio. She's proud of her family, but doesn't even list anything all that interesting about them. Is she just proud that they exist? I must say she does have a winning smile, so that could help her.

Erica is a 27 year old Non-profit Fundraiser from Lake Charles, LA. She's a Katrina survivor. Other than that, pretty forgettable.

Jessica is a 27 year old Fashion Stylist from Los Angeles, CA. I'm not going to waste my time reading her bio.

Liliana is 25 year old ex-Marine from Oxnard, CA. Okay, she's really a loan officer, but she was a Marine and that's far more interesting. Says she served for 8 years which means she joined when she was 17. There's something about her that I like.

Lisi is a 35 year old Customer Service Rep for a Psychic Hotline. Seriously. She's also a crazy punk rocker. She looks very middle aged mom in her photo, but that could work to her advantage since we know a wild one lurks beneath.

Michelle is a 23 year old student from Cincinnati, OH. She looks so perky - I can't stand it. She loves 80s music so she can't be all bad. I have a good feeling about her.

Rita is a 38 year old single mom from San Antonio, TX. She coaches girls for beauty pageants. She was also in Marked for Death. My feeling is she's marked for elimination in this game.

Stacy is a 27 year old Interactive Internet Producer (huh?) from Boulder, CO. She likes Guinness, which is her one saving grace in my eyes.

Sylvia is a 52 year old Architect from Ross, CA. She looks like the type who would take charge and rub everybody the wrong way. She just learned how to swim. My eyes are rolling.

Early boots:


My pre-season picks for the winner:

(I'll narrow it down to one before the premiere tomorrow.)


Shawn said...

Are you spoiler free this year Matt?

Matt said...


I know the first boot - hard to miss that - but otherwise I've been avoiding the spoilers.

Shawn said...

Yeah, I know the first boot too, LOL.