Thursday, February 8, 2007

Some predictions...

Okay, after watching the first five minutes and going over my quick hits on the castaways, I am ready to make some predictions for this season. These are not spoilers.

My guess at the boot order:

Jessica (spoiled already)
Erica (Probst made a comment about her being willing to vote against the majority just to make a point. Bad move....)
Sylvia (seems bossy)
Gary (only one old guy is making it far and you're not the one who grew up on a tropical island)

Jury begins here...

Dreamz (doesn't know how to compromise and it kills him)
Mookie (didn't get an early confessional which is not a good sign)
James (eventually they get sick of him and boot him)
Earl (can't get a good feel for him. Moved him up because of an early confessional...)
Cassandra (makes it far on personality alone - so smiley!)

Final Three...

Edgardo (got the first confessional)
Lisi (just have a good feeling about her ability to fly under the radar and seem unthreatening)
Yau Man (in a final three against the UTR player and the evil guy, Yau Man comes out on top)

This season will dominated by the men until the end when a couple of win sneak into the final episode. But a man will win. And I could easily see it being Cassandra in the Final Three instead of Lisi.

Overall, I'm liking the set up. Hoping for a good first episode tonight!

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Shawn said...

Choices are very interesting. Not spoiled, eh?

I sadly just got spoiled. Very interesting choices!