Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Names to go with faces...

Good ol' SurvivorPhoenix has spoiled some of the contestants. Here they are:

Stacy Kimball, 27 year-old advertising producer from the snow covered state of Colorado.

Jessica DeBen, 27 year-old makeup artist from Los Angeles, CA. The sour faced one...

Michelle 'Piper' Yi, 23 year-old fashion student from Cincinnati, OH.

Rita Verreos, 38 year-old model/actress from San Antonio, TX. She's also been a pageant coach so she knows how to be cutthroat....

Mookie Lee, 24 year-old finance guy from Chicago, IL. Hometown boy!

Alex Angarita, 28 year-old attorney from Santa Monica, CA.

All credit for this spoiling to SurvivorPhoenix, TrueDorkTimes, and posters Glutwein and MayanSun from SurvivorSucks.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pulling for Mookie to win. Go Mookie the Wookie!

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