Thursday, January 11, 2007

More contestants identified

A poster at SurvivorSucks by the name of The4Kingdoms has identified a number of Survivors by using MySpace. Here they are:

Erica Durousseau, a 27 year-old businesswoman from Lake Charles, LA.

Lisi Linares, a 30ish musician from Los Angeles, CA. Check out Lisi's website.

Perhaps this is her?

Earl Cole, a 35 year-old composer from Santa Monica, CA.

Edgardo Rivera, a 28 year-old guy from Miami Beach, FL.

Also, Anthony Robinson and Yau-Man Chan, who do not appear to have been featured in the promos, have been spoiled. Check out TDT's website for more about them.

Early word is Lisi and Stacy liked each other out there. Possible alliance?

I'm still rooting for Mookie.

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