Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's finally over...

I doubt anyone is still reading this blog (since there's not much to read), but just for the sake of completeness, here are my finale picks.

Final five boot: Boo

Final four boot: Yau Man (Dreamz wins immunity and breaks his word)

Final three who face the jury: Cassanda, Dreamz, Earl

Rocky votes: Earl
Lisi votes: Earl
Michelle votes: Earl
Edgardo votes: Earl
Mookie votes: Earl
Alex votes: Earl
Stacy votes: Earl
Boo votes: Earl
Yau Man votes: Earl

Earl wins in a unanimous vote.

The editing pointed to an Earl win as far back as episode one when he was shown standing on top of the mountain and calling himself King of Fiji. There have been many other shots of him high above everyone else. If anyone else wins, it'll be shocking.

Edited to add:

This is what I wrote after the first episode in my confessional analysis:

Now let's talk about Earl. You didn't think I was going to forget him, didya? Earl got two amazing confessionals in this episode, either one of which would have me pointing to him as someone who was going to last a long time. Put together and I have to wonder if he wins this thing. His first confessional came near the beginning of the episode. He talked about how the island was their home and you want to check all of it out. It was interspersed with a scene of him on top of the island, smiling, and at one point he says "I'm the King of Fiji... of an unnamed island." Sounds like someone who could win this thing, right? Except it was followed by Dreamz saying "I'm standing the highest" and a shot of the kid standing a rock above Earl (and Rita and Anthony). So is this our endgame? Dreamz vs. Earl?


Dan said...

hey man, thanks for not abandoning this blog. It's pretty evident Earl will win like you said, but 9-0? Well, it'll definitely be a first.

Dan said...

stacy being the wild card of course.

Anonymous said...

Martin Luther said
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

I wonder what his thoughts would be concerning the character of this trio.

Anonymous said...

what I would like to know if there is a second place winner since no one but earl got the votes?

Matt said...

I'd guess they tied for second place. First time in Survivor history that has happened.

And a 9-0 vote was a first too.

The season ended well - very engaging endgame.

Anonymous said...

good ending...

but spoilers are LAME

Dan said...

i still think your CAs are quite valuable, and I agree with the above poster that this season was completely spoiled by week 2. You should still do china. Believe it or not you do have a fanbase.

Matt said...

A fanbase? I appreciate you saying so, but I doubt that! :-)

I'll see what I'm feeling like in the fall. Have nice summer!

Melissa said...

I didn't even realize you had this thing going this season. I'm waning in my survivor love as well. Although I'm still anti-spoiler, and this has been a decent season all around.

In any case here's how I know I'm losing my devotion:

1) I fall asleep while watching the Survivor episode I taped while at school.
2) People are allowed to talk to me during the show.
3) If I miss something someone says, I don't rewind to hear it.
4) I don't watch Survivor Live with Dalton and Jenna.
5) I don't care if someone tells me what happened before I see the episode.
6) I don't have a favorite player.
7) During the finale I actually washed dishes, cleaned the kitchen, put my kids to bed, and taped the last 30 minutes plus the finale to watch later.
8) At the end of every season, I say it's my last.

However, I have to say this new casual viewing experience is quite freeing, and so I might be able to convince myself to watch China.

(This seems it should be its own blog entry.)

Anonymous said...

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